Service Your Customer’s Vehicles With
The Highest Quality Nationally Recognized Brands

Have you ever had to wait for a delivery for a fuse, a zip tie, some hose clamps, a tube of Permatex, or whatever? The Wait is over! We can manage your shop supply needs in a way that is cost effective and will insure you have the things you need when you need them.

As an Auto Pride member, we can offer you a savings on many of the services you are already using. From office supplies, to uniforms, environmental services, hotel stays, rental cars, to computers. Our stocking dealers enjoy savings on many national programs to help your business.

Qualified Stocking Dealers can participate in the Auto Service Experts program. Benefits include a National Parts and Labor Warranty, Roadside Assistance, Road Hazard, Rental Car, Signage, Consumer Rebates and more. All designed to make your shop stand out and be more competitive!